Grand Tour of the Veneto & Venice
Ancient & Contemporary
Grand Tour of the Veneto & Venice
Ancient & Contemporary
Grand Tour of the Veneto & Venice
Ancient & Contemporary
Grand Tour of the Veneto & Venice
Ancient & Contemporary
Grand Tour of the Veneto & Venice
Ancient & Contemporary

Insider’s, Behind-the-Scenes Grand Tour of the Veneto & Naples:
Ancient & Contemporary:
Exceptional Private Legendary Palaces, Villas and World Acclaimed Sites

September 22nd to 30th (departure): 8 days & 8 nights:
The Palladian Treasures of the Veneto: September 22nd to 26th: 4 days & 4 nights
A Most Private Discovery of Venice: September 26th to 30th: 4 days & 4 nights

4- and 5-star hotels

It is my pleasure to share with you my privileged relations with prominent owners of Outstanding Private Residences & World Acclaimed Historic Sites in the Veneto and Venice, promising another unforgettable journey of private access to unique, historic and cultural venues—many not open to the public.
Fascinating Venice and the Veneto, with their rich heritage of art, architecture and décor, are unique in the world. Yet, beyond the usual tourist sites, there is a secret Veneto and Venice known only to Venetian nobility and the privileged few.
As a participant of our highly exclusive, expert-led, private ‘Grand Tour’, for eight luxurious days, you will have the opportunity to join an intimate group of connoisseurs to view the most significant villas in the Veneto, many by Andrea Palladio, and legendary private palazzi in Venice—inaccessible to the public, as well as private visits to world-renowned cultural sites—both ancient and contemporary—many when closed to the public.
You will enjoy private lunches, receptions, and dinners in stunning private villas and palazzi with the distinguished owners, esteemed members of the cultural community.

We commence our Grand Tour with four marvelous days and nights in the Veneto. We will observe spectacular villas, many by Andrea Palladio, welcomed by the distinguished owners for private visits, luncheons and receptions.
Our Grand Tour of the Veneto will be led by Dottoressa Roberta Parlato, an art and architectural historian specializing in the Renaissance period of the Veneto region, with a focus on Andrea Palladio’s work. Roberta received a Master’s degree in the History of Art. Her dissertation was on Palladio’s Villa Saraceno, for which she was awarded the Recognition of Merit “Hoc Opus” from the Accademia Olimpica.
We will reside in the picturesque medieval town of Asolo, whose gentle hills and stunning views inspired Titian and Giorgione. We will stay at the acclaimed 5-star luxury hotel Villa Cipriani, once home of the famous poet Robert Browning, a relaxing haven, surrounded by stunning gardens and panoramic views over vineyards and villas that dot the countryside. The Villa has an award-winning restaurant, and the staff is highly professional and eager to please its guests.

Venice, an enchanting city, priding rich treasures of architecture and art, is ultimately unique. Beyond the usual tourist ventures, there is a secret Venice, known to the Venetians of nobility and the privileged few.
We will enjoy four momentous days and nights of private visits, luncheons and dinners in some of the most legendary, magnificent palazzi inaccessible to the public, housing museum-quality collections, with stunning views on the Grand Canal, welcomed by the prominent owners; and private expert-led visits to world-renowned cultural sites—both ancient and contemporary

In view of the exclusivity of our program and to assure the full enjoyment of each participant and quality exchanges with our distinguished hosts and experts, the maximum number of participants is set at 15

For more information and to reserve your space, or sign up for our mailing list, please email:

Pamela Huntington Darling
Consultant & Creator of Exclusive Cultural Travel Programs
Paris, France
or call Paris, France: Tel. +33 6 75 86 67 75
We look forward to the pleasure of your joining us!